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San Marcos Elementary

"Life tends to respond to our outlook, to shape itself to meet our expectations." - Rich Devos

Weeks of Sept. 22nd and Sept, 29th

Important Dates


STEM Conference- Stephanie, Abby, Brittne, Jade, Matthew

Girls on the Run


STEM Conference- Rolayne, Abby, Brittne, Jade, Matthew

Stephanie to DO all day

Natalie to Crisis Training

10:00 NTS Meeting


10:00 Fire Drill

2:30 PLC Meetings

Girls on the Run


Natalie to Crisis Training

5th grade to ELA training

Science Academy- Hammon, Pugh

2:30 Food Pantry

3:15 Student Council


Student of the Month

Science Academy- Chapman



3:30 Leadership Meeting

Girls on the Run


Shadow a Tiger Morning for 2nd- AM

1st and 2nd Math TOSA release day

Stephanie to DO all day

Lupe out all day


Girls on the Run

2:30 PLC Meetings

3:00 ASL Math training


1:1 Training for Jade, Brittne, Abby, Matthew

10:00 Stephanie to DO

BTSA Yr. 1 & 2


8:45- Primary Flag Salute

Tiger Tid-Bits

  • Mrs. Randall- a sub in Mrs. Gates class on Friday shared with me as she left late that day, "I just have to share with you- you have SUCH a wonderful school. I just moved here from the east and have subbed in Poway and Solana Beach and today was just amazing compared to any school I have been at yet. Mrs. Gates was SO organized and her kids were just wonderful. I loved my day, you are lucky to have such a nice school." I agreed with her and invited her to come back anytime- that she will find the same in any class she subs in!
  • Target Red Card- if you have a Red Card you can connect it to our school so we can get money back. We just got a $300 check last week! It is free money, so take a moment to do this, I just did it!
  • A bright spot in moving to a more inclusive model for our Learning Center- Ana Juarez, a 4th grader, decided to run for student council. She is a shy student, but made her speech in front of her peers and WON! It was a super special moment for her!
  • "You are so lucky to be principal," said by a second grader in Mrs. Hammon's class. She is absolutely right! I am SOO lucky!
  • From Cassidy-Just wanted to share something I overheard today that was so wonderful! After lunch there was an incident with two of my boys. One boy said, "you like girls" and the other boy hit him. Immediately after lunch I had a lesson planned on "How to be a good friend". I took some ideas from the safe school ambassador video we saw at the staff meeting. I taught the students that friends do three things: see what their friends face looks like, think about how they feel, and then act to make them happy or so keep them happy. Towards the end of the lesson I saw Angel lean over to Jason and say, "I think I made you mad when I said you liked girls and I'm sorry" Jason then responded, "It's okay, sorry I hit you" It was so wonderful to see and hear them. Angel's light bulb must of gone off during the lesson :).
  • Ms. Molloy's students took risks and worked in collaborative groups on a math lesson. They struggled at first, but persevered and completed the objective. I was able to watch them really discuss their ideas, work through them and create a final product. It was amazing!


  • Flexible, but on time- we would like to ask a huge favor of you. We know it is super important to be flexible on a daily basis with such a big school and so many events happening at once. However, it is equally important to be on time to your scheduled events, programs, classes (Wheel, PE, Learning Center, lunch, assemblies, etc.) We are like a fast moving freeway and if one class is late we have a traffic jam. I know it happens to all of us once in a while, but if we could try to have students help remind us to get to things on time that would be wonderful, thank you!
  • ASL will start on Oct. 6th. We will have our ST Math Training on Oct. 1st at 3:00. You should be getting permission slips next week by Thursday.
  • With our new morning plan for a closed campus, it will be important for those who have duty at that gate to be on time as well as strict with who enters. It should only be staff you know and students. If parents want to talk to teachers they need to enter the front office and sign in. This applies for after school as well. Thank you.


1. CCSS ELA/Literacy Key Shifts

2. Grade level collaboration


Beatriz Schultz- 22nd

Janet Cantu- 27th

Leandra Platero - 30th


Habit of Self Belief- A Study of Mindset

Fear of the unknown when trying new things can sometimes get in the way, making it not always easy. This is why this month; we will be talking about the habit of Self Belief.

Self Belief is the knowledge that we can do something. It's an inner feeling that we can accomplish the things we desire and decide to achieve. When you believe in yourself, you gain power and your eyes open to opportunities that lead to greatness.

"Whether you think you can, or think you can't... you're right!" -- Henry Ford"Believe you can and you are halfway there." -- Theodore Roosevelt

With this said, don't be afraid to get out there and try new things. Try out for a new sport, apply for a new class, learn a new language, etc. You never know what might come out of it.

Sure there may be some issues and you might make mistakes, but whatever happens, make sure that you always look for the positive. When you look at mistakes or failures as opportunities to learn and grow, you are developing a positive attitude and you will skyrocket your way to the top! There is no failure, only feedback."~ Zig Ziglar

Another way to look at it is this: If you try something and don't succeed initially, that's OK. That just means that one particular attempt was a failure, but you (as a person) are not. "Failure is an event. Not a person". So stay with it and never give up.

Michael Jordan said it this way, "I failed my way to success." He just kept showing up, working hard, and never threw in the towel. That attitude and drive made him the greatest basketball player ever!

Resistance Makes You Stronger! Be grateful for your problems, since "Pressure creates Diamonds!" People with Alpha Personalities HAVE AN INDOMITABLE SPIRIT! A Non-Quitting Attitude.

Vote for our own Feeding America- they bring food twice a week for our families!

This Hunger Action Month, communities can join together to fight hunger and spark change towards a better future. Walmart and the Walmart Foundation are giving away $3 million to 50 food banks and they are allowing the public to decide which food banks will receive a share of the money with their votes. This campaign is decided solely on votes, so the more we get, the higher the chance of FASD winning! This money will go to increase the amount of food available to you, our distribution partners. You can vote once a day until October 5th. Please vote and get your friends and family to vote as well!

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