Caught in the Web... of Learning

Technology Use In the Secondary Classroom

Learning with Technology

Today's classroom urges the use of technological tools. Incorporating the use of technology in our science lessons is a major goal. Technology for learning can promote creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking when used effectively. Together we will learn with technology and explore the world of Biology.

Weaving the Web: Interlocking the Technological Tools for Learning

Students should expect to see Nearpod used weekly. Many of the direct instruction lessons will presented through the site. Therefore, there will be use of iPads and laptops in the classroom. Essential questions and activities will be will also be embedded in the lesson. These questions will help me assess every students' standpoint on the material. Using this site, students will be able to review lessons at their own pace.

Khan Academy videos will be used a supplement to further student learning. The videos provide very helpful information, and a little comic relief :)

These videos may be viewed in class or used for homework and projects.

Google Earth will serve as a our class' personal tour guide. Students often hear about animal, plants, and organisms, but they don't get to see where they are from, or how the surrounding the environment looks. Now, we can look up the locations of our studies and make our own map of the places we've visited digitally. Get ready to explore!

Ms. Moore is ready to explore!!!

Are you ready to explore? Do you have any questions or suggestions? Please feel free to share! This is our classroom. ㋡


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