Tone project

by Mayco DeJesus

Tone- The Book Theft

Tone is way where the action of someone or something has change through out the story or life. They'r way of saying and their personal action, and emotions can be changed and that would implies tone. The way they speak can determined whether it changed to negative, positive, and neutral.

example: the story's narrator(death), "please, be calm, despite that previous threat.

i am all bluster

i am not violent

i am not malicious

i am a result" (pg 6).

this shows that the narrators tone is neutral.

And as for a tone shift, for example neutral to negative. that would be a tone shift because you change your tone, and that a very big difference.

for example: 'curiosity got the better of me, and i resigned myself to stay as long as my schedule allowed, and i watched" (pg 7). This tone shift has made him became curios, but he was neutral.

i would be able to know when their tone would change by their words and that helpful if your trying to understand that person.

Death - The Book Theft

The tone is intimate and conversational, with the narrator at times interrupting himself or interjecting reactions to the narrative. Though his voice employs humor, the overall sense is of sadness. Death see's everything but if his tone change this can show some big deference through out the story of the book.

'' the book theft looked down again, at the word'.

the white page was suddenly written in another tongue, and it didn't help that tears were now forming in her eyes. she couldn't even see the words anymore''. pg 77

This shows change, a shift, were she wasn't at all negative or positive but neutral. and than she just started crying because she must have been nervous.