My Home In The Future

By Alec Medeiros

Green Environment Around My House

My biome that i would live in is the temperate deciduous biome. I would put my home in a sourounding of a lot of trees because this would make my area sustainable for animales and create a good habitat for a food chain. I will also plant a lot of sun flower seeds, I will have bushes also have a lot of vegetables and fruits planted around my house. By doing this it would make my environment very sustainable and a do able habitat for animals.

My garden

In my garden I would put a lot of vegetables like lettuce, peas, broccoli, tomatoes, potatoes, and carrots. All these vegetables grow easily with in the temperate deciduous biome. i will grow my vegetables organically which means i will not be using pesticides because it is not natural and is bad for the environment.

The Kestrel

The Kestrel was designed in Canada by Calgary-based motive industries INC. What makes the Kestrel so unique and special is that the car is fuelled by a plant called Hemp. Not only is the Kestrel fuelled by hemp, but the body of the car is also made out of hemp. The Kestrel can speed up to a maximum of 90KM and will go 100 miles until the car will need to be recharged. This car is perfect to get you from (A) to (B) and is perfect at not harming the environment. This would definitely be my first choice car.
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Waste Management System

In my future home i would recycle and compost as much as possible. By doing this i will be conserving raw meterials and makes new products out of what i recycled. also i will be saving the precious resources and not consuming as much. So recycleing protects raw materials and protects natural habitats for the future. In fact 30% of what gets put in the land fill could be composted. So i will do the best i can to preserve my natural resources.

Golden Lion Tamarin

The endangerd species that i sponsor is the golden lion tamarin. The golden lion tamarin are only 8 to 14 inches and weigh no more then 2 pounds. This species are from brazils atlantic cost forest. in the 1970s, there were only 200 in the world but now there are about 1,600 of these monkeys in the wild. My family and i chose to pick this animal because monkeys are our favourite animals and it hurts to see an animal endangerd when humans are the main cause. Humans took over there habitat and some people hunted them down because they had beileved these monkeys carried a disease called yellow fever and malaria. These monkeys deserve a better life and that is why i pick to sponsor the Golden Lion Tamarin.

Three Chemicals

1- deadly chemical that is used in your house hold is Ammonia. Ammonia is a house cleaning product that is very dangerous, you should not drink,inhale, or it should not touch your eyes. If so it happens this could be very life threatening. 2- Bleach, Bleach is a substance that cleans your cloths and makes your t-shirts whiter. This is also a very deadly substance that if makes contact with your eyes or if swallowed can be deadly. The chemical name for bleach is sodium hypochlorite. And the elements in bleach are (NaCIO) 3- chlorine, chlorine is used in dish washer detergents. It contains a high concentration of chlorine. chlorine is very dangerous and is not a chemical to play around with it is very dangers and should not enter your mouth or make contact with your eyes. In fact chlorine is the #1cause of child poisoning.


The elements that makes up chlorine is sodium chloride. Sodium chloride is also known as table salt. Chlorine is in group 17, period 3 and is in the chemical family called the halogens. My chemical is a metalloid. Chlorine is a gas but it changes to a liquid at a temperature of -34.05 Celsius.

Energy Source

My future home will be near a creak. so my choice for energy is hydropower. I will be using a 10-kilowatt micro hydropower system, this will provide enough energy for my large home. Hydro power is very sustainable because as long as the water keeps flowing you will always have energy for your home. Not only will it supply my house with a lot of energy but i will be saving a lot of money. This is why hydropower will deffinitly be my energy source.
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How My Home Will Reduce Wasted Energy

My house will reduce wasted energy by doing three actions, replacing are windows, installing a new furnace and making sure my walls are insulated. 1 by putting in weatherstripping and storm windows i wail be saving up to 24% of my heating and air conditioning bills. These windows are very efficient by keeping my home warm and not having to use more energy then needed. 2 Also the furnace that i will instal will save me energy because i will be installing the condensing furnace. This furnace will save me at least 27% of my heating bill and has a annual efficiency of 90%. This furnace is a great way to save me some money and energy. 3 and last but not least i will insulate my home. By doing this it is harder for cool and hot air to escape my house. This is great for winters and summers because when for instance it is very hot out side, i know my house will be nice and cold because my house will be insulated. Another benefit to this is i will save a lot of money because i won't have to use as much energy to maintain my house a certain temperature. Insulating my house was a great idea.


All the appliances that i would get would be all from Energy Star. First i would get the most efficient 2015 washer and dryer. These two machiens save up to 20% of energy then just a normal washer and dryer. Also the washer uses 30% less water then a regular clothing washer. By using these appliences my electricity bill come out too 85$ only for the washer and dryer. These two appliances would be great for my future home. Next after my washer and dryer i get my most efficient 2015 energy star dish washer. My future dish washer will save me 40$ compared to a normale dish washer. Also i will be saving an average of 1,300 gallons of water over the life time with this dish washer. This dish washer would be great. After my dish washer i would get the energy star freezer. This freezer saves you 10% more energy then the standerd freezers. This freezer does not only help me save money but i am slowly saving the environment. After the freezer i would get a energy star refrigerator. Energy Star refrigerators are about 9-10 % more energy efficient then a normal refrigerator. Over a energy star refrigerators life time you can save up to 35-300$ just from not putting useful energy to waste. i would 100% get a energy star refrigerator. Finally i would get a energy star commercial oven. The commercial oven are about 20% more efficient then the standerd models. Also energy star commercial ovens have a 70% cooking energy efficiency and ideal energy rate of 1.6 kw. thats great. All of these appliances would be in my future home.

Light Bulbs

I would include light emitting diode bulb or also known as (LED). Although this bulb may cost allot and might not be ideal for the average consumer, it is the number one bulb in saving electricity and saving money. This bulb would be great for my home and for the environment.

Space Technology

In my future home what i would use that space explorers created is smoke detecters. What smoke detecters do is detect something that is called americium-241 which is smoke or a harmful gas. Having a smoke detecter would prevent or alarm me that a fire is hapening and this could save my life. A smoke detecter would be great for my future home. The smoke detecter was created by NASA teaming up with Honeywell Corporation. How the smoke detecter works is clean air particles of oxygen and nitrogen go through smoke detecters, the americium-241 ionizes them, particles go through the smoke detecter, it disrupts that interaction, and creates the alarm. Another technology space creation that i would have in my future home is a filtering water system. how they created this is they put chunks of charcoal in the filter this charcoal is specifically and contains silver ions that neutralize pathogens. which also kills bacteria in the water, the filter also prevents anymore bacterial growth. A filter for my water is a great idea.


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