Agnes Lebovics


Agnes Lebovics is 1 of the millions of children who was in the Holocaust .she was born in April , 13 , 1939 in Chust Czechoslovakia. Her father comes from a wealthy family , and so does her mother. Agnes father was forced to work in a forced- labor camp in Hungary. And 2 years later her sister Eva was born. Life was really hard for the Lebovics because of so many restrictions. During the Holocaust they suffered a lot, they were taken away on a train to die and those 2 or 3 days they had no water or food. when they arrived to the camp they were sent their separate ways, and Agnes , Eva , and their grandmother were sent to the gas chamber to die. During those days of the Holocaust people have learned that you should love life while you have it. Because any one can take it from you , and some people do ridiculous things in taking innocent peoples life because of their culture, or religion.