The Judicial Branch

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Chief Justice

John Glover Roberts Jr.
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How Do I Become a Member??

The Process to Become a Member

The Chief Justice and the Associate Justices are appointed by the President of the United States. Then, they are confirmed by the United States Senate.

What Will I Do?

What is their Job?

The Justices in the Supreme Court interpret the Constitution and explain it to others through their rulings. All courts in the United States have to follow the Supreme Court rulings. The Justices decided whether what has happened is following and acting within the law. The decisions that the Justices make are final. Rulings by lower courts can be appealed by the Supreme Court. There are many request each year but only less than 150 are rules upon.

What types of Cases Do they Hear?

The types of cases heard are Original Jurisdiction and Appellate Jurisdiction.

Original Jurisdiction: The Power of a Justice to hear a case for the first time.

Appellate Jurisdiction: The Supreme Court reviews the decision made by a lower court. They cannot change whether you are guilty, but they can change your penalty.

Examples of Cases

Appellate Jurisdiction:

  • A school district is accused of racial discrimination.
  • A person who has been charged with murder, claims that the death penalty is unconstitutional.
  • A citizen sues to prevent state funds from being used by religious schools.

Original Jurisdiction:

  • A diplomat from another country claims certain rights under a treaty.
  • Florida and Georgia dispute the rights of the St. Mary's River.