Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Question 1

Cassie learns through personal humiliation that life is not fair. At Mr. Barnett's store, she had to wait for all the white people to be waited on first. She realizes that even a small offense by a black person brings extreme punishment. In the book Stacey and TJ also learn this lesson.

Question 2

One theme of the book is about discrimination and cruelty. Cassie learns about self-respect,black pride and the struggle to overcome prejudice and injustice. A second theme in the book is about pride and self respect. They have pride from owning the Logan land. This gives them a sense of freedom and a sense of worth. The land is a symbol of independence. At the end of the story Cassie is crying for the land. This shows how hard her struggle was. The last theme is the survival of the human spirit. The family overcomes incredible obstacles and their spirit survives.

Question 3

The novel reveals human being that blacks are not different then whites. The whites treat the blacks with no respect. Cassie learns in the novel that whites don't treat the blacks the same. The whites think it is equal to treat the blacks with disrespect. The whites think it is not fare how the whites treat them. Little Man, Stacey, and Christopher John also learn the is lesson.