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By: Seth Zuber 6th Period 12-14-15 Brainjack Novel Project


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Advice Column:

Dear Carolyn, My name is Sam Wilson, I am currently wworking with the CCD, an agency of the United States, however I am worried about my friend Fargas whom has become addicted to neuro gaming, it seems too be affecting his overall health. Should come over and help him?

Well, too put it simply, no. Fargas will be just fine. Sam, you have a very important duty that you can't shirk under any circumstances. Sure he's your friend but there are bigger things at stake here. I'm sure somebody will help Fargas soon anyway, no need to worry yourself.

Movie Review & Commercial:

Based on the novel Brainjack comes "Brainjack: Revelations." Watch as high school student Sam Wilson go from an amateur hacker to national hero, battling the massive rogue A.I, Ursula and her mind-controlled minions. Starring: Zachary Gordon as Sam, Zac Efron as Fargas, Jessica Alba as Vienna, and Jack Osbourne as Dodge.

This movie is a must-see in my opinion, the special effects and story are highly refreshing from the movies that have been coming out lately, if I were to rate it from one to ten I'd give it a 9.7/10

Recent News:

Tensions flare at the military instillation of Cheyenne Mountain as mind-controlled and non-mind controlled U.S. soldiers continue battle in an intense conflict that doesn't seem too be letting up any time soon. Neurotech denies it's involvement in this event.