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Team Fortress 2


Team Fortress 2 (or TF2 for short) is a online shooter game involving 9 classes each with many weapons for diverse game play and more than enough game modes and maps to keep you occupied for more than a few years. Team Fortress 2 is already about nine years old and is still being updated and played by many, the creators Valve took their time to create one of the most popular game ever!
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(Compare & Contrast)

There are 9 diverse classes each with their own game play styles and weapons.

The offensive classes include The Scout, Soldier, and Pyro. The defensive classes include the Demo-man, Heavy, and Engineer. The support classes include the Medic, Sniper, and Spy. Each class has it's advantages and disadvantages and some even share certain weapons.


(Cause & Effect)

Weapons are a large part of Team Fortress 2, the wide variety allows for some deadly combinations that fit how you play. Each class wields a primary, secondary and melee weapon, each can be swapped with another weapon for that class. Some weapons are more powerful than others but Valve tries to make each weapon fair and equal. Weapon combinations can also be deadly to the user if you don't pay attention to the buffs (advantages) or debuffs (disadvantages). Lets say you equip a melee weapon that decreases your health for the ability to deal more damage, this will make you more easy to kill but more dangerous up close while using your melee.
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Team Fortress 2 has a large assortment of maps for all of the different game modes, most of the maps are created by Valve themselves but some maps are user created and Team Fortress 2 allows you to support community map makers by purchasing stamps in the Mann Co. Store (Shop for purchasing weapons and hats with real money) to give the money to the map's creators.



Team Fortress 2 comes with 8 official game modes although some mapmakers have created custom non-official game modes for their maps. Some of the official game modes include: Control Point, Attack and Defend, King of the Hill, and Payload. It takes practice to be good at certain game modes so you should usually start with the easier game modes such as Attack & Defend or Payload and build your way up to Control Point, King of the Hill, and Capture the Flag. Remember that some game modes are way harder than others and that you should always start easy.