Texas A&M

Home of the Aggies

School info

  • Located in College Station, TX
  • Offers many different programs in business and sales.

Cost of Attendance (tuition, room, books, other) In state - 23,960. Out of State - 42,553

Admission Requirements

GPA: 3.55

SAT: 1734

ACT: 26


# of Students - 55,577

# of Professors - N/A

Weather and fun stuff to do

Weather around the university is generally hot and humid. Recent heat has been low 80's and humidity is at 74%. Some fun things to do in free time are Aggieland War Games, which is laser tag, go see live music at Grand Stafford Theatre, or go shop around at Post Oak Mall.


Texas is a relatively the same. Plains roll over and there are plenty of skyscrapers. Mountains and rivers are scattered about as well.

Payment Plans

I plan to be working a steady job by the time I apply for college so that will help. Also parents will help out with some and I plan to get scholarships from either sports.

I don't plan on applying for different scholarships but that may change in the future if I need aid.

Achieving Post High School Goals

My goals for the next couple years will be to get some experience in the medical field and to save money and get a job.

Classes I will Take:

  • AP US History
  • AP Statistics
  • AP Government
  • Economics
  • AP Chemistry

I will also play football, basketball, and run track.

Volunteer Work/ Community Service

Some volunteer work around GP is to work at the soup kitchen for the homeless, to work at the humane society, or to referee a youth sport organization. This could definitely help my career because I could list times of service that could help get me into a college that would further me towards my career.