Beginning to End: Life of a Bean

Seed to Table

Have You Ever Seen Growth From Beginning to End?

From Soil to planting to growth to harvest time to preparing to cooking to eating to compost. It is the complete cycle of life. The complete cycle of a bean's life.

Dig in the Dirt!

When preparing to plant be sure your soil is moderately rich. Bush beans don't need a stake to grow yet pole beans do. Be sure to have on handy.

Itty Bitty Seedy

You should plant your seed 1-2 inches into the soil. Be sure to water the soil immediately the beans are planted. Then, regularly water them until they sprout.

When you plat bush beans be sure to plant them 6-8 inches apart. If you are planting pole beans make sure the pole or trellis is already in place. They will naturally wrap up the pole.

Growing Up, Up and Away!!!

You can coax your pole beans around the pole but bush beans are pretty good. When you water them be sure not to drown them because they have very shallow roots. Composting or mulch is good to help them stay sturdy in the ground.

Harvest Time!!

Look for your firm pods and pick them. When beans are picked they are at an immature stage. The seeds inside will not be fully developed.

Prepare to Gobble!!

Wash your beans and you can cook them. Or, you can blanch them and freeze them immediately after picking.

Sizzle and Fry

These green beans can be cooked in many ways. You can fry them or steam them. Once your beans are cooked...


This is the easy part. Stuff them in your mouth and chew!


When you are done you can take the strings from your beans and mix it with dirt and thay will go back to the garden once more...