Summer Reading Project

By: Chloe Lopez

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I read the book The Roar, and finished it. It was a really good book, and I really enjoyed it!

Character Analysis

The two main characters in my story are Mika and Ellie. They are twins, Ellie got kidnapped and now Mika is lonely, Ellie is now at Cape Wrath and alone with Mal Gorman.


The story takes place in Future London, Mika, Kobi, and Audrey live in this awful place... The whole of Future London is surrounded by a humongous wall, and 2/3 of the population in this world lives behind that wall, the wall takes up 1/3 of the Earth and everyone is crammed in the small space.

Rising Action

Mika got a counselor, the counselors name was Helen. Helen wasn't a normal counselor, Helen actually believed what Mika said about his twin. She believed that Ellie was alive, so when Mika started to be rebellious and not drink his Fit Mix like he was supposed to, she told him to act like a normal boy and act like all the other kids. When the Flight Pod game became available, she told Mika to join them. Mika went into the arcade (taking Helen's advice) he started to look for the right gunner for him. Then he saw Audrey, he asked if she wanted to team with him and they became a team. Audrey was an excellent gunner to match an excellent flyer. They were the best at the arcade and their scores proved it! A competition came around and obliviously everyone joined in to play. Everyone was excited, including Mika and Audrey. Mika and Audrey were mutants and so were a few other kids. The competitions were sponsored by Mal Gorman, but nobody knew that. Mal Gorman was also the guy who had kidnapped Mika's twin sister, but nobody knew that either. The competitions continued, and Mika and Audrey kept getting into the next one. Some normal kids and some mutant kids kept winning the competition, finally it was the last round! The last round was over and all of the mutant kids remained, none of the normal kids made it this far. They won a free vacation and soon realized it was only a vacation for the parents, the kids had to work and play "games." When the vacation was over, the kids got to meet their nightmares, Mika was absolutely terrified when he saw the "tellyheads" from his nightmares. While the mutants were working and meeting their nightmares the normal kids got chipped, now they all work in unison and follow all of the commands of the operator. The mutants were driven over to Cape Wrath, where nobody could escape.

While all of that was happening to Mika, this is what was happening to Ellie. Everyone got taught the plague story, nobody forgot it. Since the time they were babies, they knew about the plague, no animals were allowed. That's why they built The Wall. But there was one exception, and nobody knew about it. Ellie had a pet monkey that Mal Gorman gave to her, it was the only "family" she had. Ellie was Mal's favorite, she got her everything, except her family. Ellie learned how to fly a Fighter Pod, and she escaped Mal Gorman, past all his security and everything. But once they found out that she was gone, they chased her down and started a chase, it lasted a while but she eventually got caught and brought back to her "room." She finally got Mal's trust and got to see her brother at Cape Wrath.


The turning point in the story is when Mika finally finds Ellie. They clicked immediately and knew nothing could separate the twins love!

Falling Action

They knew no matter how far away they are they will never be separate again. The twin's parents and every mutant parent demanded their kid back, everyone was mad. Ellie and Mika planned how to get home, and they needed a Fighter Pod to be successful. The children carried out their plan by sneaking around. Ellie and Mika could speak to each other in their minds, They found an unused Fighter Pod and took it. They flew back home and was successful in their plan. Mika and Ellie surprised their parents, especially Ellie.


Ellie finally finds her forever home again, and lives with her brother that never gave up on her.


This book takes place in Future London, it was surrounded by The Wall because the "plague" in animals came and there are no animals aloud inside The Wall. The game Fighter Pods came out and it was a hit with all of the poor children. Mika had a counselor who told him to play that game and it would help with finding what he wanted, which was his sister, she had been kidnapped by Mal Gorman. When the games started up it was his chance to find his sister, her name was Ellie. When the competitions started up Mika needed a partner and found Audrey. Audrey was the perfect gunner. The first competition some people had already lost, when the second level came a lot of people got out. When the third level came Mika and Audrey were still in the game, the arcade was as silent as the woods, everyone was so focused and concentrated on the game that hardly anyone had time to speak. Mika and Audrey still remained after the third level of competition past. The kids that were mutants remained and all other kids have failed. The kids that won got a free vacation, more for the parents than the kids. Once the vacation was over, the children went to Cape Wrath and there they worked for Mal Gorman and did whatever he wanted them to do, Mika and all the other mutant kids gathered in a room. Mika sensed his sister coming, then she was running at him! They took each other in each others arms and connected. They made a bond that nobody could break! Not even the hated Mal Gorman.