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Week of May 16, 2016

Panther News

Thank you for making Field Day a memorable one for your students!!!!

JCSS plans to provide students the opportunity to retest during post planning for Grades 3 and 5 as originally discussed. To the best of our knowledge right now, retest data will be utilized for CCRPI, as well as, individual student score reports. We plan to start remediation on Monday for these students, and support teachers will be helping us out with this through Friday. Thank you for being flexible with your support teachers this week, as they have an alternative schedule this week to meet the reading and/or math needs of some 3rd and 5th grade students. The bus shop will coordinate transportation.

Click here to view the Panther News for next week.
Enjoy your weekend,
Troy, John, and Karen

Gratitude Video

Below is a video clip about gratitude. I hope you enjoy it; it is a great reminder to enjoy the simple things and those around us during this busy time of year. ENJOY!!!

CPI Training Dates have changed

The CPI Training dates have changed to the following dates. We will not have CPI training in June.

    • July 15, 8:00-11:30 - CPI Re-certification - JCCHS, Black Box

    • July 15, 12:30-4:00 - CPI Re-certification - JCCHS, Black Box

    • July 18, 8:00-11:30 - CPI Re-certification - JCCHS, Black Box

    • July 18, 12:30-4:00 - CPI Re-certification - JCCHS, Black Box

    • July 21-22, 8:00-4:00 - CPI Initial Training - JCCHS, Black Box (must attend both days)

SLO data entry

This is a friendly reminder that all students on your regular ed reading and/or math rosters (depending on which subject your students took) need to have a SLO score. If they moved, they must have a missing SLO code.

SAI Professional Learning Survey

Each year, all JCSS teachers are asked to complete the SAI professional learning survey on the quality of professional learning in our district/school(s). Thank you in advance for taking this survey by May 25th. All information collected is anonymous. The data helps drive future professional learning opportunities for the county. The survey opened May 10, 2016. There will be a sign off sheet in the mailroom for you to sign off that you have taken the survey. Click here for instructions for taking the survey (the survey token is listed at the top).
Click here for a user guide that will walk you through the steps if needed.

Placement Cards

On the blue and pink placement cards, there is a place to note below average, average, and above average for Performance Series. Below are the NPR ranges for these categories.

25% or below (NPR) for below average

26% - 74% (NPR) for average

75% or above (NPR) for above average

Professional Learning Opportunities

  • Four Blocks Training with Peggy Terrell for all K-5 teachers and literacy support teachers or paraprofessionals:

    • K-2 Teachers may attend June 14 or August 2.

    • 3-5 Teachers may attend June 15 or September 6.
  • Data Teams Training - June 10, $30 - NEGA RESA - Register at

    • Data Teams are a model for continuous, collaborative action that empowers professionals to improve teaching, learning, and leadership. This one-day seminar led by Dr. Mark Tavernier, Leadership and Learning Center Certified Data Team Trainer, will introduce participants to the Data Team process. Data Team Training is designed for educators who want to implement or refine their practice of professional collaboration and practical application of data in the classroom. Schools that currently have Professional Learning Communities (PLC) can use this process to add support and power to PLC meetings. If your school is new to the process of professional collaboration, this seminar will help you implement the model in your school.

  • Georgia STEM Forum - October 24-25 - Athens -- Call for Presenters: go to

Dreambox and Reading A - Z

Summer Push Information from Dreambox: See below for some tools and resources that may help with the summer push and making sure kids are set up to extend their learning calendar.

· Webinar: See link to a webinar specifically focusing on Summer Learning. This has some great suggestions and advice for the best way to use DreamBox through the summer:

· Parent Letters: You have access to a parent letter for your school. This can be sent in both Spanish and English. If you go to the “DreamBox Access Resources” tab in the dashboard under each school you are able to pull those up.These provide a great resource to engage the parents as well. This will give them instructions on setting up their own dashboard so they can track their child and it’s good timing to encourage before the summer.

Summer Learning Information from Reading A-Z/ RAZ Kids:

If you would like to use Reading A-Z / RAZ Kids to continue summer learning, please share the following information with teachers. Contact Amity Hardegree with any questions.

  • Go to the Raz-Kids Home Page, and the right hand corner button contains "Teacher Corner" information. Under Summer Reading, the teachers will find a summer reading contract, a summer reading log, and a parent letter explaining the contract and the reading log AND the importance of the parents to monitor their children's experience with Raz-Kids.

  • On the teacher roster, there is also the Parent Access option for the parent to receive reports directly from Learning A-Z. All that has to be placed in is the parent's e-mail address for this to happen. This would also benefit the summer reading progress of students and assist the parents in being aware of how their children are performing.

  • Teachers, of course, can continue to monitor their students weekly throughout the summer via the same reports that they receive throughout the school year. (Activity Report and Skill Report). Teachers can send messages to individual students in support of their summer progress or to encourage them in their deficits.