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Discrimination in America in the Past

  • In 1900 a women would have very few rights. For example, the women would have no right to own property in her own name. In 1950, it was normal for married women and women over thirty five to be in the workforce. From 1981 to 1997, the United States Department of Agriculture was against many thousand black farmers.

    Racial discrimination was not for only adults but children too. For example, Ruby Bridges was one of the first black children to be integrated in a white school. Gay black men are very likely to experience intersectional discrimination. Children with gay African American men in the United States have a 52 percent of being integrated. That is the highest in the country.

    In 1984, Ellen Malcolm was collecting and packaging small checks from thousands of people to support female candidates. In the 1990's she became the most powerful Political Action Committee in the Democratic Party.

    Current Discrimination in America

    On December 2nd, an ex police officer found a letter in his mailbox talking about black officers. He actually wrote the letter and admitted it later on. He was released from his police duties in July for beating a Hispanic. The phone number listed for Higgins (officer) had no service.
    January of 2015, an African American and a Hispanic was fired from McDonalds. They got replaced apparently because there were too many blacks working there. They want to sue McDonalds for racial discrimination and sexual harassment. A total of seventeen workers were fired from three McDonalds in the same area. It was owned by the same person Michael Simon. There is history of discrimination problems in the past.
    On June 4th, four former CVS works are suing the pharmacy mangers for racially profiling African Americans and Hispanics. They were talking in racial slurs to customers. Three of the four workers quiet because hostile working conditions. They filled a lawsuit in Federal Court in Manhattan. The lawsuit they filled was violations of the New York State Human Rights. CVS has to respond to the lawsuit no latter than 30 days.

    Current Discrimination in the World

    On October 2014, two country officers were on the scene. A white police officer shot and killed a black teenager. No one filed reports about the shooting. Cook Country Office said that two more officers came but they weren't need and left. There was video released by the city officials. Officer Evans, who shot and killed the black teenager, is charged with aggravated battery and official misconduct. He is also accused of shoving the barrel part of the gun down Rickey Williams throat and the officer was threatening to kill him in 2013.
    After the terrorist attack in Paris, Monday December 7th Donald Trump said "this country should bar all Muslims from entry until we can understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses." Trump is trying to keep our country safe but people aren't voting for him because they don't like how he is treating the situation. Everyone is not a fan of him and probably will never. When the terrorist attack happened it made Trump's case look better but people still aren't buying it.

    On February 25th, 2013 the NFL was warned about sexual orientation of players and to make teams not ask those types of questions. Le'veon Bell, Nick Kasa, and Denard Robinson were asked about if they had girl friends or do they like girls. Under the terms of the league, teams are not allowed to discriminate against players who are under a contract.

    Why do people judge other people?

    People judge other people in school because they sometimes are jealous of someone. They don't like what is going on so they want to make the other person feel bad. That will make the person that is jealous feel better.
    Another reason why is because people are more popular than others. The person that is not popular is along and has no one to talk to. On the other hand the popular kid feels so cool and he is all about of him self, may make fun of someone or be rude to them. That would make the person that isn't popular feel even more worse.

    The final reason why people make fun or judge other people is because they don't like what someone is wearing. A cool kid thinks he has the best clothes and is rich. Which I kid that is just average doesn't satisfy the cool kid.

    Major events in Women's rights in the history of America

    In 1913, Alice Paul and Lucy Burns was from the Congressional Union was working to the federal amendment to give women the right to vote. The group later on was renamed as the National Women's Party. The Members picket the White House and also other forms of the civil disobedience.
    In 1916, Margaret Sanger opened the first U.S. birth control clinic which was in Brooklyn, New York. The clinic shut down 10 days later with Sanger getting arrested. Latter on she won the support through the courts and opened another clinic In New York City in 1923.

    In 1919, the federal women originally written by Susan B. Anthony was introduced in the Congress in 1878. It was passed to the House of Representatives and also the senate. After that it was sent to the states for ratification.

    How are women treated differently than men in America

    Women are more likely to get lower offers at work. For example a women scientist would earn $26,500 and men would earn $30,200. Women are so grateful for their job, they are less likely to get more money because they enjoy having this job too much. Also hiring managers will offer a lower salary because the managers think they can get away from it.
    Women are less likely to get credit on group projects. When men and women are working together on a project, men are more likely to get more credit on the project than women. Even if the women do almost all the work, women don't usually give credit for their work as much as men do.
    Women are usually ignored in meetings. It is more often when there is one or two women at the table. When women offer an idea, it is usually not into thought in the meeting. Then when a man says the same idea, the people like the idea. Men don't listen to women's idea's or don't like the idea.

    Key famous people dealing with Women's Rights in the World

    Dalai Lama is the leader of Tibetans in exile. He has made people to respect the traditions and cultures of Tibetans. He also believes in non violet protest.

    Shirin Ebadi is a judge and a lawyer. She fought the right for women to have a legal career in Iran. She has also defended people who have not agreed the Iranian beliefs.

    Benazir Bhutto was the first female president of Pakistan. She help to move the country from military to the democracy. That was in 1988.

    Connections with Discrimination and Women's Rights in Make Lemonade

    Their was Discrimination in Make Lemonade with Jolly being a mother. Jolly didn't have a nice place which wasn't good for her children. She also was accused to being a bad mother. She didn't take very good care of her children and the smelly apartment.

    An example of Women's Rights in the book Make Lemonade is involving Jolly. She was sexually assaulted at work. Then after she ended up getting fired.

    Finally, two fathers left Jolly. Now Jolly has Jilly and Jeremy. This is a form of Women's Rights in the book.

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