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March 2015

Want your teaching to add up? Put some maths into your lessons!

Welcome to the March edition of the Free and Easy Newsletter.

This issue we are focussing on maths-based resources and we have a nice selection of online maths tools for you to use with your learners.

Whether you are a Functional Skills tutor or not, having Maths in your classes is almost a certainty.

- How many portions of food can you make with these ingredients?

- We only have this many bricks, how many more will we need for this house?

- You've been given a £20 note, how much change should you give for that dress?

These kinds of questions will come up in many different fields, not just in a GCSE exam - have a look at these tools and embed more Maths into your sessions!

If you have anything you'd like to contribute please let us know.


Manga High

Brilliant tool for maths games, all made by a UK based company.

Using real exam questions and theories, the developers have created games specifically related to those questions, which are really quite fun!

Have a look at the video below to see what we mean...

Angles game | Mathematics at

What could you use this for? Well perhaps you could encourage your learners to have a go at home - play games as homework! This way you will be embedding maths and using ILT in the classroom all in one.

Have a look at it now at this website:



Transum is a great, free, easy to use web resource with plenty to do with mathematics.

It is split out into 'Learners' and 'Teachers' sections, but we recommend having a look at both sections so you can see what is available.

There is really so much on this website that there is too much to go through just on here! So check it out at:

If you want to jump straight into the games such as 'Mathopoly', 'Connect 4 Factors' and 'Venn Diagram Pairs', click this link instead:

Big image


Now for something a little different. If you are looking at 'Flipping the Classroom' - where your students do work at home prepped ready for a session - this could be an excellent way of getting students to try out things at home.

You can get a student to select an area, like this:

Big image
Big image
Then the learner gets a question, like the one above. If the user gets it right, then they are given a nice 'Correct!' tick.

If they get it wrong, they get a good explanation like the one below:

Big image

This means content will generate itself, and will also encourage learners to check their answers and be given explanations about how to get it right next time. Less marking for you!

Have a look at:

If you are looking for GCSE level stuff, go here:



Thanks for reading (or at least scrolling!) to the end of the flyer! As a quick bonus, we found some great videos from Math Antics that talk about complicated mathematical issues in an easy to digest way.

And to celebrate Pi Day - here is a video on Pi! Enjoy!

Math Antics - Circles, What Is PI?

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