Working on the Ocean

A Marine Biology Poster By: Ethan Enderlin

Marine Biology Career

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to save marine animals, or your interested in the ocean some certain way? If your looking for a fun job that involves the ocean or animals, a marine biologist might be the perfect job for you!

A marine biologist is someone who studies the ocean and the creatures in it. They analyze fish and other forms of life to protect and preserve them. A Marine biologists job is very important, it's not only helping the sea animals lives, but ours as well.

What Will I do as a Marine Biologist?

Things You do as a Marine Biologist

When your a marine biologist, you do a lot of hands-on activities. You won't just sit in a cubicle or desk writing, you get to explore the ocean. You observe fish and mammals up close, then record what you find with them. You could study the small phytoplankton that sit on the water, to the huge whales that glide through the ocean. Once you record your findings, you can go to a lab and analyze even further with microscopes and other instruments.

A typical day includes a lot of time on the water. You would take a boat out to a reef or a animal sighting (dolphins, whales, sharks) and record the time of day, temperature of the air and water, and what animal your are recording. After doing that, you would most likely dive in the water and have a close up view. You could possibly touch and use your other senses to document the facts about that animal. If you didn't dive, you would probably catch the fish and bring it on board (this is more for the smaller fish and animals). Once your samples, observations, and recordings are finished, you head back to shore to use different instruments. This includes using microscopes and tests on your samples. Then you write down what you have. After that, your day is done.

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Experience is just as important as education. It's good and much easier to get a job if you have great experience. You could volunteer to help local marine biologists, or work as their assistant. It doesn't matter of the two, as long as you have good experience, you will find a job pretty quickly as a marine biologist.