The Martian

The Great One Even Likes It!

Aristotle Has "Never Watched Anything Better". Read HIS Reviews:

#1-Plot: Mark Watney gets left behind on Mars after an intense storm that separated him from his fellow astronauts. He has to find a way to grow food and survive on a planet that no human or plant can live on.

#2-Character: Mark, Melissa (the Mars trip commander), Major Rick (the pilot of the ship), Beth (the system operator), Dr. Chris (flight surgeon), Dr. Alex (navigator and chemist) and the whole team at NASA and JPL try to get the whole team back home from a horrifying trip.

#3-Thought: The theme of this film is perseverance and sacrifice to see if Mark Watney can devise a plan to keep himself alive.

#4-Diction: "How do you grow something edible where the place you are is all carbon dioxide?" Wow, this piece looks extremely intriguing.

#5-Sound: Mark's one-way videos. . .He actually is a very amusing guy!

#6-Spectacle: Someone living on Mars. . .MUST WATCH!