They Need Your Help Now!

The Echidnas Needs

Echidnas need all the following to survive they need bushland earthworms,beetles,moth larvae,ants,termites,grubs and water.
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How Humans Affect Echidnas Survival

Humans can affect Echidna survival by - urban development clearing their habitat

- killed by cars

- attacked by domestic dogs

- flooding caused by humans changing natural watercourses

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How Other Animals Affect the Echidnas Survival

Some of these Animals are native and some of them are introduced to Australia.

The native predators are: Australian Monitor Lizards/Goannas ,Dingoes, Eagles and Tasmanian Devils. All the introduced predators are: Foxes ,Feral Cats and Domesticated Dogs.

How The Enviroment Affects the Echidnas survival

Echidnas survival is threatened by bushfires as they usually hide in logs during bushfires and the logs burn with them inside therefore killing them. They also can drown during floods that are very expansive. Although Echidnas can swim they cannot survive floodwaters.

How we can Protect and Ensure the Echidnas Survival

To do this you should: - watch out for them while driving

- do not leave your pets wandering around by themselves

- do not trophy hunt them

- ask your local council to put up more signs if there are Echidnas around