EdTech Toolbox

A collection of Websites for your classroom

Step One: Find your Purpose & Pick your Device

I've created 8 categories & summaries of EdTech tools for you to peruse at your leisure. So, whether you need a tech tool to engage your students, an assessment tool, or a place to create and publish a video; this toolbox along with Adam's Watson's EdTech (@watsonedtech) presentations are your first steps to successfully implementing EdTech in your curriculum. Check out Adam Watson's EdTech help center: http://www.shelby.kyschools.us.schools.bz/olc/teacher.aspx?s=592

Step two: Critically think and be creative when choosing a learning target for your EdTech lesson. Also, spend some time practicing with the tool you want to use.

Step three: Collaborate & Communicate

Here at SCHS we have five groups of dedicated learners of EdTech; these include:

1. PBS Digital Innovator Teacher of the Year: James Wampler

2. Adam Watson, our district Educational Technology Coach

3. Instructional coaches: Fox Demoisey and Maggie Terry

4. Julie Webb, our media specialist

5. Your very own PLC/data team