The City of Enchantment

Emma Ramirez

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Welcome to Enchantment

Here at our wonderful city the buildings literally float on the bluest of water, the photo above shows centers city. Here there are tiny shops at every corner stocked with the newest items and latest trends. Everywhere you turn you're greeted with the nicest people, here we never judge anyone on the things they cant change like their nationality, physical appearance, or sexuality. In the early mornings you can catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunrise. This city is strictly for famous people, it is a "Safe zone" for all celebrities, including me. There will be one leader and that is me, no if ands or buts.


The laws of enchantment

One- NO judging or talking about anyone rudely, as this is a safe zone for all people

Two- Treat everyone as they are your family, here we protect our citizens and we give support when needed

Three- There will be no fighting, here were all born equal

Four- Children are permitted to go to school until grade 12 but can choose what they want to learn, also it starts at 10:00 and ends at 2:30

Five- No stealing, robbing, breaking and entering, or any activity that harms others.



The shopping boutiques and small cafes are located by the water in in the heart of the city.
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