My Goals Life

by: Edith Hernandez

About me

Hello My Name is Edith Hernandez,

I am from Guatemala,

I have two brothers and a father of which I am very proud of him. With so alone a young age I have a dream and goals to meet. I am living now in Houston Texas and I am studying at Eisenhower High School in 11th grade .

I will be next year Senior. However will not be easy but not impossible . My plans will throw eager and positive in everything and continue taking my high notes,

and i am very grateful to God for all he gives me.


  • I am a person who likes to have fun time, often I'm quiet and sometimes I get angry but still when I show love to someone because that person is really important to me .

  • I like to help people in need and learn every day life experiences

  • My biggest goal is to become cardiologist and help my father who is endeavored to help me in all this time. Never lose my faith and hope that I will be to finish all my dreams.

  • I will explore each of my talents and gifts never 'll waste my potential to goodness and joy to my life.

  • At the end of my goals , I want to be able to say I gave everything I had to give something good.

Something I will never change.

  • God because I believe in and always believe.

  • Family because it is the best God given to me.