P2P Successes in KISD Fine Arts


Elementary Campus Successes

Benfer Art - Rachel Fortner

"After our first lesson of the year, students were going home and practicing what I taught and bringing pieces back to show me their finished work. They have also been uploading their art work into Artsonia at home. So many of them have wonderful galleries of their own."

Benignus Music - Amanda Abbott-Bross

"I’ve always struggled teaching folk dancing. I wasn’t really into it myself so of course had trouble selling it to the kids. I’ve made some adjustments along the years and changed my mentality. This past week after teaching the song/dance “Alabama Gal” to 4th graders, I had many students (including our football players) tell me how much fun it was and if we could do it for the Hoe-Down in February."

"A student with Downs Syndrome that has been mostly non-verbal the past two years volunteered to tell me this week where “do” goes on the staff as well as how many sounds a quarter and two eighth notes get. It was amazing."

Bernshausen Art - Jennifer Shelton

"We started an art club after school on Mondays called the Bengal Brushstrokes. The Brushstrokes are adding enrichment after school for 4th and 5th graders to create art to take home, do commissions for the school, and have a chance to show leadership through creativity."

"I also have been working with inclusion for all students, we have integrated some of our special needs students into the classroom. I have gotten a special paint shirt for a wheel chair student that helps him feel included when we are all getting ready to paint as well as providing larger brushes to help with fine motor skills."

Bernshausen Music - Jennie Brooks

"Our 2nd graders have been working so hard in preparation for their Veteran's Day program! They have really risen to the occasion and kicked it into high gear as we draw closer to our performance."

Blackshear Art - Jodi Territo

"4th Grade students completed their time and creative intensive batik artwork!"

Frank Art - Jessica Romney

"The librarian and I collaborated to develop an art enrichment group called Art With Heart. The purpose of this group is to show, through community outreach, how our creativity and kindness can have a positive impact on the world around us. For our first project, students will be creating personalized bookmarks to be donated to a local senior living facility. The senior living facility will auction these bookmarks off and all funds will be donated to the Alzheimer's Association."

"I am also piloting CREATIVE CONNECTIONS, a virtual art club for 4th and 5th graders. CREATIVE CONNECTIONS is a virtual art club, using the SEESAW app, where students can safely view and post instructional visual art videos, slideshows, and photos of their very own creations. Through CREATIVE CONNECTIONS, students will develop an online community that showcases student knowledge and promotes a growth mindset within in our school. For example, if a student knows how to make an origami crane, they can create an instructional video through SEESAW and post it to the group for other students to view and try it for themselves."

French Music - Shelley Gunhouse

"5th grade students are doing a great job on their Veteran's Day music. They are rocking their special instrumental pieces and dance!!"

Kaiser Music - Lisa Ippolito

"My first graders this year have really latched onto the words tempo and dynamics. Even when I see them in the hallway, they are telling me the tempo of their walking is slow and their dynamic level is quiet."

Klenk Art - Leilah Sadighi

"Kaden Harris 4th Grade - art "The Blue Macaw was chosen for TAEA!"

Krahn Art - Angelica Gutierrez

"Students were very succesful in giving their Art Statement in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade." (An Art Statement is an opportunity for students to explain their thought process on how they made a work. Students must use art vocabulary when explaining their work to others.)

McDougle Music - Cathy Dudley

"Our choir performed a 10 minute program opening to our STEAM Parent Engagement Night! They performed great!"

Mittelstadt Music - Patsy Clark

"I had a first grade class of 22 students that all made 100's on their first listening test!"

Theiss Music - Jennifer Shaw

"Brand new music teacher, Mallory Dodson, is doing a fantastic job teaching! She doesn't seem like a first year teacher at all!"

Theiss Art - Connie Shin

There are many, but here is the one that I would like to share. I have a new 4th student, she had a very traumatic childhood, and she is in a foster family. She just refused to come into the art classroom and stay in the art class. She would lie about going to the restroom and disappears. I talked to her heart to heart and asked what can I do to help her. She told me that she doesn't want to come into the classroom. So I made a deal with her, as long as she stays outside and not go anywhere else she can work right outside of my room. I checked on her time to time, making sure that she was okay. The next day, I went to find her and talked to her about how she liked the setup yesterday, working outside of my room. She said she liked it. I told her as long as she is willing to work and stay honest with me she can work outside of my room. She agreed. I checked on her every week to make sure she was doing okay, and just to get to know her. She worked outside of my room for 2 weeks, and then on the 3rd week she came in the classroom and worked in her seat without any problems. She found security in my classroom. Last week, she volunteered to help me with the things in my classroom, and she comes to see me if she feels like she needs to talk from time to time. I am very glad that we were able to build that relationship, and she feels secure with me. Now, she is able to concentrate and do what we are doing in the art class along with other students. I am very proud and happy for her!"

Secondary Campus Successes

Kleb Orchestra - Dawn Herron

"We had 18 awesome kids make it into Region this year!"

Kleb / Ulrich Theatre - April Morgan

"Students all completed their storytelling final performances last week. We were working on characterization in the voice and the body, and enhancing our pantomime skills too. Students had some very spectacular performances that truly wowed me. Students seem to have "clicked" with the work, as many who previously were timid on stage had A+ performances this time around. I'm very impressed with some of the growth I am seeing in these students."

Klein Int. Art - Jha'Nann Williams

"All my students were on time and accounted for three days straight! Yay!"

Krimmel Theatre - Ornella Bruno

"My shyest student mastered her monster monologue in front of the class."

Schindewolf Art - Samantha Lacey

"Airanna Digman - First Place in Painting At Texas Renaissance Festival!

Isabella Leger - Honorable Mention At Texas Renaissance Festival for Drawing!"

Schindewolf Choir - Henrietta Kolb

"One of my hardest working baritones has made incredible progress over the last few weeks as his range has expanded from about 4 notes to an octave and a half!!! He is working through his voice change with determination and a great attitude!!"

Strack Orchestra - Cora Neely

"Seven students placed in the Region 9 Orchestra!"

Strack Orchestra - Shannon Bolen

"In orchestra, we are learning about the Voyager Golden Record and I am having my students create their own Golden Record. I made a requirement that there needed to be at least one piece or song coming from one of six continents. While many students have struggled with this, I had one student that had an incredibly balanced playlist of contemporary composers from each of the continents. Teaching my students about diversity and representation is one of the aims of this project, and this student absolutely nailed it. I can't wait for our project using the Composer's Diversity Database next!"

Wunderlich Choir - Kara Koller-Wood

"Klein ISD Solo & Ensemble - Every ensemble received top scores, Every solo took home a medal and Outstanding Musician Awards went to Deyni Delcid and Ahmir Robinson."

Wunderlich Art - Enrique Guemez

"Visit of a guest teacher from The Asia Society to teach Japanese calligraphy to my students."

Klein Cain Band - David McGrath

"Marching Band made finals for first time ever at the US Bands DeKaney/Conroe Contest on October 5."

"Two students placed first chair in the UIL Region 9 Jazz Ensemble Auditions, and advanced to Area Auditions (Alejandro David - Baritone Saxophone; Aiden Berg - Electric Bass)."

Klein High Band - Chris Lambrecht

"Klein Band performed at Lonestar Preview Marching Contest then went back to Klein Memorial for a football game then left in the middle of the 4th quarter to go back to the contest to watch Finals Performances. The band had its best performance of the year thus far!"

Klein High Theatre - Tina Domino

"Senior Klein Drama student, Brandon Bomer, auditioned for the All State Cast and has been selected to perform in the closing ceremony of the Texas Thespian Festival. Brandon will learn songs and choreography from 2 time Emmy nominated choreographer, Tony Smith. Then the All State Cast will perform for the entire Texas Thespian delegation (approx. 8,000 people) at closing ceremonies with the keynote speaker Tony Award Winner Wilson Jermaine Heredia, best known for his portrayal of Angel Dumott Schunard in the Broadway musical RENT, for which he won the Tony Award and Drama Desk Award for Best Featured Actor in a musical."

Klein Forest Band - Rich Gaukin

"Jamory Ware recently auditioned for All Region Jazz and placed 1st on Drumset. He is now qualified for Area Jazz Band and submitted a taped audition for All State Jazz."

Klein Forest Orchestra - Mamie Morlacci-Cook

"Four students made it into Region Orchestra!"

All HS Marching Bands

All HS Marching bands had SPECTACULAR performances at the UIL Region Marching Contest!