The kisschen

Cuisine is universal.

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Eating in good company, being involved in everything, meeting the chef.

We are looking for investors who are interested in partnering for set-up of innovative hospitality business.
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The kisschen Team

Our conviction of sharing knowledge and experience gained over the years, has given to us the chance to become brand gastronomy ambassadors of Spain.

Our gastronomic adventures have led us to more than 15 countries including USA, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, France, UK, Ireland, Holland, Germany, Russia, UAE, India, Hong Kong and Japan.

We have a passion for eastern culture and gastronomy, we strongly believe Chinese culture can enrich our team and work.

Collaboration project for China

If you are passionate about gastronomy and want to start a social innovative business in China in partnership with The Kisschen Team, please contact us. Eseune Business School in China will mentor us so that we can effectively start a win - win collaboration.

Contact us at or scan the provided QR