This Amazing New Invention Is Even Faster Than Before!

Say goodbye to hand-pumping or other steam powered pumps that are still slow and tedious! Introducing the new and improved steam powered pump! This pump converts thermal energy into mechanical energy so now you can rest your hands from all that pumping of water! With new cylinder and pistons, this machine really makes it into the top inventions of the industrial revolution! Just place in coal mine and sit back and watch as the vacuum like actions turn your flooded mine into cash!

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Quickly remove damaging water from your mines and save you goods! No more hand pumping! Contact me if you have any questions!

The pink is steam, the blue is water.

Newcomen, Thomas Inventions

Hello! Feel frree to contact me anytime! I am Thomas Newcomen, i was born in 1664, in Dartmouth Devon. I have been an engineer ans inventor for a long time. When the oringinal steam pump can out i saw some flaws from my friend who created it and i decided to fix them! I hope you like what i have done!

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Better than hand-pumping and the old steam pump! The speed you need!