Zombie Apocalypse

By:Elizabeth Crespo

Rocky Mountains

The location for the Rocky Mountains,stretches from Alaska to

New Mexico.Rocky Mountains are younger and taller than Appalachian Mountains.

Rocky Mountains are rugged and pointy they are also contain the continental divide. I would rate this an 8 because it has tree used to make weapons,such as swords and bows,you can also shot zombies with your bow from the point of the mountains.

Great Plains

The Great Plains are just made with flat land so that's is why I would rate it a 1 because it's know for dry land,and it's a common area for tornadoes so why would live in a place crawling with zombies and tornadoes.

Interior Lowlands

The Interior Lowlands have nice fertile soil that's good for farming.It also is covered with rivers,tons of valleys,and of corse rolling hills.I would rate this a 10 because it has everything like fertile land you can farm things and make food with the crops.There are also rivers so you can get water and fish.Rolling hills are great as well because you can shot zombies there and make a base as well.