AT Update

January 15, 2015


Reminder: MAP testing for your students will take place on Tuesday (1/20) and Wednesday (1/21) next week. Please be sure to get a good night's rest and eat a healthy breakfast on those days. AT may be cancelled depending on your student's MAP testing times.

4th Grade Math

This week, students completed their test on Chapter 4--decimals. They did an exceptional job on this test--way to go!

We began a Defined STEM project called "Baker". Students are put in the role of a bakery owner and must come up with a "plan" to sell their specialty item: croissants. We did some research on rent prices, ingredients needed, recipes, demographics and began to form a plan. Groups will create an advertisement for their new bakery as well as a menu that will turn a profit.

This fun project teaches Science, Technology, Engineering and Math all in a real world problem.

Please let me know if you have any experiences you can share about owning a business!

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3rd Grade Math

We have also been working on a Defined STEM project, titled "Backpack Design". Students examined and shared their own backpacks, collected data about features wanted in backpacks and are now on to the "prototype" phase of their project. Students are creating an advertisement/infographic highlighting the special features of their product and will be presenting them to the "marketing team" to see if they will purchase it for distribution. We are working on making our pattern with accurate measurements as well as the design to win over our potential customers.

AT Reading 3/4

With the cold weather days last week, we have continued our reading stories into this week. Third grade students are reading about movie making and fourth graders read an excerpt from Old Yeller.

We are focusing on Direct and Indirect Objects this week as well as revisiting MAP vocabulary words in order to feel comfortable taking our tests next week.

Students read an article about cell phones in school and will be researching this topic next week to have a debate.

Our target skills for the week are author's word choice and fact and opinion.