Tyler's Tech Tips

December 2019

Image Hotspot Generator

This free tool can be a huge asset to any classroom!

The image Hotspot Generator is a free tool that does not require a login. It allows its users to upload an image, add hotspots to that image, and share it with a link. The hotspot includes a title, a description, and a URL address. These hotspots are used as extra information for students to take their learning to a deeper level. For example, an image of the human body could be displayed. If the teacher wants their students to learn about the skeletal system, they could include different hotspots for the bones they are studying and give extra info and websites for each bone.

To access these hotspots, the user simply has to click on the button to bring up more information on it.

Click here to make your first hotspot image.

Click here to see a sample I created.