Left for Dead

By: Pete Nelson


Hunter Scott- A boy looking for more information on the U.S.S Indianapolis for a project at his school.

Captain McVay- The captain of the U.S.S Indianapolis before it was destroyed.

Maurice Bell- A WW2 veteran that tells the story of the U.S.S Indianapolis and how it got destroyed.


A lot of this story takes place on the U.S.S Indianapolis in 1945 before it gets destroyed.

Plot Summary

It starts off with the U.S.S Indianapolis going near Japanese territory in 1945 when they don't know. The Japanese know they're in their territory so they start to fire torpedoes at the U.S.S Indianapolis. All the torpedoes hit the U.S.S Indianapolis and the ship starts to sink. One of the people on the ship asked if they should abandon ship. The captain said no because they have survived this type of thing before. The captain was wrong and they should've abandoned ship because a lot of people died. There were survivors but they were stranded in the ocean. They sent out a distress signal but no one heard it. The survivors were out there for days. But then sharks started to show up. All the sharks started to eat most of the survivors got eaten. There was one lucky person that survived an attack by poking the shark multiple times in the eye. Then eventually a plane had seen them and told the navy that there were men out in the ocean. That pilot saved many of the survivors stranded out there. They were all good once they reached shelter.

3 quotes from the book

-Futile the winds, to a heart in port done with the compass done with the chart (pg. ?)

-Any man unaccustomed to such sights to have almost thought the round sea was one huge cheese, and those sharks are maggots in it (pg. ?)

-We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; for he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother (pg. ?)

Conflict Summary

The conflict in the book is that the U.S.S Indianapolis goes to Japanese territory. The Japanese know but the people on the U.S.S Indianapolis don't. The Japanese starts to fire torpedoes at them. They all hit and the U.S.S Indianapolis is left to sink. This type of conflict is external conflict.