Lassen Volcanic National Park

By: Hannah Long

Lassen Volcanic

Lassen Volcanic National Park has one of the biggest volcanoes in the US. When you read this you will find out about one of the biggest volcanoes in Lassen Volcanic. This is a really fun park to learn about. I hope you have fun learning about it. If you have any more questions, you can ask me, Hannah Long.

Nobles, Lassen, and Loomis

Who founded Lassen Volcanic National Park and when? Lassen Volcanic National Park was founded by William Nobles and Peter Lassen came to know that they both developed trails associated with the park. The park has been a fantastic national park since 1840. B.F. Loomis promote the park's establishment. California's gold rush brought the first settlers to Lassen. In conclusion, Lassen Volcanic has a lot of different history.


One thing people all ways ask about how many acres are in Lassen Volcanic and where it is located. The park has over 106,000 acres of land. The exact answer is 106,452 acres of land. People sometimes go berserk if they can't find Lassen. In conclusion, Lassen is located in Northeastern California. In Mill Creek, California, give it up for Lassen Volcanic.


Did you know that Lassen Volcanic National Park has geysers? There are about 7 main geysers. The geysers are mostly named after the devil. Believe it or not one is actually called Devil's Kitchen. The biggest volcano is Lassen Peak. it is about 10,457 feet or 3,187 meters tall! Some people have been wondering about how many volcanoes Lassen Volcanic National Park is made up of. There are at least 20 major volcanoes. The last volcanic eruption was in 1921. When Lassen has a snow day they mean A SNOW DAY! The reddish color sometimes observed on top of snow at Lassen Volcanic NP snow is a living organism called snow algae. When snow begins to thaw, these microscopic organisms spring to life. They function as a primary food source and are being studied for their cancer-fighting properties. In conclusion to all this, there are many different things people can find out on the National Parks Website.

Thanks For Visiting

It is sad to end this project. It was a very fun experience. Lassen is a very fun and fantastic park. the parks' website has a lot of things to find out. Goodbye.