Activating Unified Persistent Prayer in Communities & Cities

Prayer Activation Training

Beginning in September of 2016, we convened meetings and discussions around developing “prayer activation training” for local churches. The focus has been on helping churches without prayer ministries - or ones that are dormant or struggling - to have a powerful basis from which to grow a strong and praying church. What captured our imagination was the idea of “planting prayer ministries” in multiple churches in communities and cities, and then helping those prayer ministries find good ways of praying together. As we come around the calendar, we are nearing completion and launch! We are excited to offer this to groups of churches ready to establish and strengthen the prayer ministries of their churches and their communities.

Activation Training is a process that helps churches, businesses organizations and other groups form and establish healthy prayer practices in which prayer becomes their way of life. It includes training in personal, corporate and city prayer and emphasizes relationship with the Living God that leads to behaviors, practices and lifestyles, not simply knowledge.

Adena Hodges & Jeff Kreiser

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Meet an Activator – Annie Fish

Annie Fish is a founder of the Sacramento Christian Healing Prayer (SCHP), a Christ-centered parachurch ministry that is devoted to praying for wholeness and health in all areas: body, mind, and spirit. It serves the greater Sacramento region and has been in existence since 2012 and served people from dozens of different churches. They run a 40 week training that prepares people to be involved in healing prayer ministry in their own context. The training includes an internship where the new healing prayer minister and graduate is mentored and becomes the intercessor in a real prayer ministry appointment.

Meet a Movement Leader: Annie Fish

Revival and Intercessory Prayer

"So it is God's will that the prayers of his saints shall be great and the principle means of caring on the designs of Christ's Kingdom in the world. When God has something to accomplish for his church, it is his will that there should precede it the extraordinary prayer of his people."

- Jonathan Edwards