By: Nicole Renteria

Job Description

Psychology is the study of the brain and the human thought. Psychologists help people in order to diagnose and treat their mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. But there's also different kinds of psychologists due to what they specialize in. There's experimental psychology which that carry out research projects expand theories of learning, motivation and behavior. Developmental psychology is the study of growth and change that thrives within life which might just work with a certain age group. Clinical psychology is the study of emotionally and mentally unstable individuals. Other specialties include educational psychology, comparative psychology, social psychology and psychometrics.

At the least of education that is expected is a masters' degree, but the more education that is received the more job opportunities that are offered. Many get their Doctorate or PhD's. The study journey could be five to eight years in college depending on what degree the individual wants to receive. To be a psychologist an individual should be emotionally stable, patient, motivating and willing to have a flexible schedule towards patients.

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Psychologists that deliver patient care must have certification or licensing requirements in all states. In addition to these requirements, individuals must have really good people skills to succeed in this field. Since this work revolves around studying and helping people. They also need to have communication skills considering Psychologists deal with talking and listening to clients.