equipment validation

equipment validation

equipment validation

Validation when verification

If you've got browse the opposite article this can be no news for you that the top of validation happens when the top of verification.

In fact, substantiative a tool is guaranteeing that it conforms to outlined user desires and meant uses. within the lightweight of this definition, verification could be a a part of the total method of equipment validation .

Before guaranteeing that it conforms to user desires, the functions of the device ought to be:

described with code needs and design,

implemented with code,

and tested.

So the needs and therefore the design ought to be valid before they are enforced. that is why there square measure reviews of needs, general conception and elaborated conception before verification. These reviews participate to the validation method Visit now .

When needs and design square measure valid, the code is enforced and tested through verification Click here.

However verification tests as they're needed by the IEC 62304 commonplace don't seem to be enough. Specific tests, i.e. clinical tests or end-user tests in real conditions, will be done to validate the device. So yes, some activities of validation happen when verification .