11/6/2020 ~ Superintendent's Newsletter ~ 11th Ed.


"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."

~ John F. Kennedy


By the People, For the People and Of the People

As I write this, ballots are still being counted and there is no presidential winner. No one is drafting their inaugural speech or maybe two gentlemen are optimistically planning their speech....and all because we have a government that is BY the people, FOR the people and OF the people.

Many Americans have probably been much more reflective during these past few days and weeks. I too have been reflecting on what a truly great country we live in and how thankful I am that we are free to choose so many things.

I give the credit to our founding fathers and their belief in democracy. According to Merriam-Webster, a democracy is "government by the people". It is during times like these, I am reminded how lucky we are to be able to voice our opinions, vote in our leaders and ensure that basic human rights are granted to each and every citizen of the United States. It is empowering to know we are within a system which gives power to all citizens to actively participate in the government of the country. Furthermore, there is comfort in knowing none of our fundamental rights can be modified without a majority vote.

Robert Kennedy, Jr. said, "Democracy is messy, and it's hard. It's never easy."

Regardless of who wins the election, I think we can all agree this has been 'messy' and 'hard'.

~ If it were always neat and easy, one could infer we all share the same ideals and viewpoints and without differing perspectives, our country could stagnate and never grow and improve.

~ Without messy, we might never face the adversity that forces reflection, analysis and change.

~ Without hard, we may take things for granted and not be appreciative of our bounty.

~ If we are always a winner, we may stop working hard.

I am hopeful we can get through the messy and hard in order to focus on the future and ensure our democracy continues to be by the people, for the people and of the people.

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Yesterday each central office staff member was given 5 leaves on which they had to write a specific note of thankfulness to 5 of their co-workers. Many staff members picked up additional leaves and wrote to more co-workers.

The messages were delivered to the individual and then hung on the tree in the office.


Top 10 Strategies to Use in Your Classroom

A teaching strategy is the method you use to convey information to your students. There may be a particular strategy that works well with your group of students one year that won’t work with your students the next year. Because of this, it’s important to have lots of teaching strategies in your toolbox. Each week I will focus on two strategies that might be new to you or one you have forgotten about.


Summarize to bring the lesson to a close. This is when you can assess your students' abilities to effectively answer the essential question, and you can find out whether you need to extend or refine the skill.

Teachers must find creative ways to have the students answer the essential question at the end of the lesson. A student's ability to answer the essential question at this point is a way for the teacher to assess the student's learning. In most instances, this is the point when a teacher can determine whether she needs to go back and reteach or needs to accelerate student learning.

Examples: Have students use a writing prompt, short activity, discussion, or illustration to summarize, or have them summarize on an exit ticket.


Students learn by doing, so create experiences for them to see the concepts in action. Let them practice the concepts in a safe environment. Then, they should reflect on the experience and discuss what they learned from it. Classroom activities that you could do for experiential learning include fun games, experiments, or simulations.


COVID Reminders

  • Wearing your mask over your nose and mouth is the best way to ensure you are able to stay at work even if you may have been around someone with COVID-19. You must be able to answer with certainty that you are wearing your face covering properly.

  • Clean your hands often, either with soap and water for 20 seconds or a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.


What is Going on Next Week??

Sat. Nov. 7 – BHS G BB @ Home – 12:00

Sat. Nov. 7 – Marching Classic @ Aubrey

Mon. Nov. 9 – Regional Cross Country Meet @ Dallas – 9:30 AM

Tues. Nov. 10 – BHS B BB @ Whitesboro – 6:00

Thur. Nov. 12 – LHR B BB @ Home – 4:30

Thur. Nov. 12 – LHR G BB @ Blue Ridge – 4:30

Fri. Nov. 13 – BHS G BB @ Community – 5:00

Sat. Nov. 14 – BHS B BB @ Home – 10:00 AM

Sat. Nov. 14 – CoCo Best Robotics Competition

Sat. Nov. 14 – Marching Invitational @ Celina


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