The Truth about Alcohol

What is alcohol

Alcohol is a drug and classified as a depressant. It is a colorless substance that is intoxicating.

How it is made

It is created when fruits and vegetables are fermented.

Why teen do alcohol

Teens will do alcohol because they might be under peer pressure, to fit in, and to feel grown up.

Short term effects

Some of the short term effects are headaches,coma,difficulty breathing,slurred speech, and vomiting.


It is when you drink to much, the brain will stop recording new memories. Then when you wake up you will not know what has happened last night.

Long term effects

Some of the long term effects are high blood pressure, poisoning, and liver disease.

What it can do to your family and friends

It can make you lose your friends and if you have kids they will probably start doing it. When your married you could lose your wife and kids and they could be afraid of you.

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