Rocking in our School Shoes

Mrs. Schmidt's Kindergarten Class

Quick Reminders

Just reminding you that the Student of the Week posters are Due Friday. (If you don’t have one I can send another tomorrow)

We will have our Grandparents day Snack and activities on Friday (Please let me know if your child’s grandparents are attending) Also we are making some special things for our Grandparents for every child. If Grandparents cannot attend you can at least mail them a treasure.

Be thinking about and mailing out your child’s flat person so that they can get back to us at the end of the month.

We are still really working on working quietly in the classroom and being serious about our learning. We have had a lot of extra and loud talking and some silliness going on. Please have a conversation with your kiddos about being at school to learn and that we have a lot to do in Kinder. I definitely want them to enjoy school and fun at appropriate times, but they haven’t quite figured out when that is. I appreciate your support in this.

Dismissal for car riders/walkers: We are beginning to line up outside a few minutes earlier to try to move traffic a bit faster. Try to make sure to line up your car a bit earlier and be up front to help us load our Kinders faster.