Real Kids of Richmond

Back to School Edition

Real Kid Criteria

Do you have or know some amazing kids/teens (Kindergarten - 12th Grade) who should be featured in the Real Kids of Richmond online pictorial documentary? Nominate them today!

If they are excelling in school while still giving back to their community, family, church or school in a major way let us know. Allow them to express their unique personality in the Back to School photo series.

The shoot will take place in one designated location with many kids/teens being featured. Individual and small group shots will also be taken of each kid being featured along with one big group shot. Kid/Teens are encouraged to show off their personality, style and hobbies etc..

They can bring whatever props they would like that shows who they are as a kid/teen, within park regulations. (headphones, musical Instruments, hats, fashion glasses, gloves, toys, books, their favorite thing etc..) Get their input on what they would like to bring and how they would like to show off their fun fashion style. Fun is the key word to this shoot!

The series will be complete on Monday, September 9th showcasing all the images from the session. The child's first name, age & hobbies will only display on the photos. The music video will also debut on Monday, September 9th on Facebook and You Tube. A pictorial group gallery with print & purchase option will be available with all pictures of the session on

All nomination must be received by September 1st.

Dogwood Dell

Saturday, Sep. 7th, 12:30pm

S Blvd

Richmond, VA

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