The Lincoln memorial

What is the building on the back of a penny ? What does it have to do with Abraham Lincoln on the other side? Well that building is the Lincoln Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial is rich in history for honoring Abraham Lincoln , and being an important gathering place for many great speeches and events.

The Lincoln Memorial is a grand building with architectural amazement. It is mostly known for honoring Abraham Lincoln , but other many great things made it famous. However before it could become famous it had to be built.

The construction of the Lincoln memorial began on February 12,1915. Which also happened to be Abraham Lincoln's birthday. It was dedicated to him on May 30, 1922. This amazing monument was created by Henry Bacon. About two years after Lincoln's assassination, the U.S congress appointed the Lincoln Memorial Association to build a memorial to dedicate to Abraham Lincoln. The architecture of this memorial was very complex.

87 stairs lead up the Lincoln Memorial. There are exactly 87 because "Four score and seven," from Lincoln's famous speech the Gettysburg Address , equals 87. At the front of the monument is 36 colums. They stand for the 36 states at the time. On the inside there are two large murals painted above certain speeches by Jules Guerin. Another thing on the inside is a giant statue of Abraham Lincoln, made by Daniel Chester French. The stone used for the statue is marble. Now that the monument is built, it can become famous.

The Lincoln Memorial is a great tourist atraction for many reasons. One, it is a great place to honor Abraham Lincoln. Two, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous " I Have A Dream," speech at the Lincoln Memorial in 1939. African-American Contralto Marian Anderson performed in front of a live radio audience, requested by Eleanor Roosevelt. Many great events made the Lincoln Memorial famous.

The Lincoln Memorial is rich in American history for who it honors and the great things that happened here. It is a grand building, with very complex architecture. It is known to be one of the greatest meeting places of all time, and has many symbols to honor Abraham Lincoln and this country.

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