Much Ado About Nohing

Kortney Klipstine


Robin Williams makes a good Benedick because he is a funny person. He can also change moods very quickly according to the situation. Like if Williams is playing a happy person in a movie his mood can change very quickly, just like before Benedick heard that Beatrice was in love with him. He started off with hatred towards her, but eventually he admits he loves her. Robin Williams is a good Benedick.

Pierce Bronson is like Claudio. Pierce Bronson plays James Bond in many movies. James Bond is like the Hero in each movie, he gets into "wars" with his enemies. Claudio is heroic soldier just like James Bond. James Bond almost always gets the girl in all the movies. Claudio eventually gets his girl Hero. Pierce Bronson or any of the other James Bonds would make a terrific Claudio.

Mads Mikkelsen makes a great Don John. First off, Mads Mikkelsen and Don John are both villains in their stories. Mads Mikkelsen plays Le Chiffre in Casino Royale. They both like to take away their enemies girl from their enemy. Don John takes away Hero away from Claudio and Mikkelsen takes away Vesper from James Bond. Mads Mikkelsen would make a fantastic Don John


Marriage is a big part of the play. If Claudio and Hero never fell in love and decided to get married, then there would be no need for Don John's games. Without Don John and his games, a big part of the play would be missing. With that in mind, marriage is an important aspect of this play.
The masked ball at the beginning of the story plays an important role because it is the beginning for many characters. At the ball Hero and Claudio decided they were going to get married. The masked ball also furthered Beatrice and Benedick's hate for each other, when Beatrice said mean things to Bendick while they were masked. The ball is clearly important for most of the characters and their fates.
Deception is also a big part of the play. The definition of deceit is a an act of concealing and distortion of the truth. Many characters were deceived. For example, Claudio is deceived when he sees Margret, dressed in Hero's clothes, with Barachio. This leads Claudio to believe that Hero is cheating on him, but in reality it is all just an act to deceive him. This leads to a whole turn of events. This is why deception plays a huge role in the play.


I think the song Grenade by Bruno Mars is a good song to represent the crazy things people do for love. The song says that when you are in love, you are willing to the impossible and crazy to show their love, even if it means dying in the process. In the song Bruno Mars says that he would catch a grenade for his love. He would also take a bullet straight through the brain and he would jump in front of a train for his love. I feel like Hero is willing to do anything for Claudio, even if she died in the process. Grenade is a fitting song for the play.
Bruno Mars - Grenade [OFFICIAL VIDEO]