Moon Bow

By Taylor

How moonbows form

Moonbows form much like real rainbows. When light is refracted by water droplets it forms a rainbow. A Moonbow forms when moonlight is refracted making them rare since there is often not enough light to form.

7 facts about moonbows

  1. The sun has to be no more than 42 ° above the horizon.
  2. Most Rainbows appear white to humans but a long exposure photo will reveal its colors.
  3. It is sometimes called a spacebow.
  4. The rainbow is very rare due to its very specific conditions.
  5. There are places where they are more common including most of Hawaii and Yosemite.
  6. Because of the fact you need long exposure photogarphy most moonbow pictures appear fake.
  7. Moonbows have been mentioned since at least Aristotle's Meteorology.