November K-2 Newsletter

Small Group Instruction & Conferences

Seesaw Updates

NEW FEATURE: Sample Student!

  • Seesaw has added a new feature that places a "Sample Student" in every class. The district had created a "demo student" for you to start the year, however, this new "Sample Student" will be specific to YOUR class.
  • Use "Sample Student" when you are modeling something in front of your students, or when you are testing out an idea and want to see what it will look like when it is published in a student journal.
  • YOU NEED TO ENABLE "SAMPLE STUDENT" --to do this, go to your settings, then to Class Settings and enable "Sample Student"

Reading Specialists, EL, Gifted, and Learning Support Teachers!!!

If you instruct K-2 students in a small group setting, you can add a teacher account under our district license. You can then add students using their Seesaw Student ID and the work the student completes in your class will save in their portfolio from year to year, just like in their general education classroom!

You will no longer need to add to student journals under their classroom teacher's Seesaw account--instead, you will have your own class!

To get started...

  • Create a Seesaw account by going to and choose sign in with Google--this will send a request to our district account to approve you as a teacher within WCASD.
  • Once you have been approved and assigned to your building, you can select the wrench icon in the upper right corner
  • Go to Manage Students
  • Add students by typing their last name, they should populate automatically.
  • Do NOT manually type every student's name in--we need students to be added and linked to their student ID so that their portfolio rolls over from year to year and travels with the student.
  • If you have already created a class that is not linked to each student's ID, we can go in and add the student ID. Please email me,, if this applies to your situation.

For more information or assistance, please reach out to your building's tech liaison or Jenni Southmayd.

Reminder of Seesaw Goals and Expectations for 2018-2019

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Check out our most recent Seesaw Data!

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Student Conferences

Conferences are coming! What better way to highlight your students' strengths and needs with families, then to show actual student artifacts??

Follow the steps below to create a Folder specific to Conferences!

  • Create the Folder: Go to Settings and Manage Folders and add a folder for Fall Conferences

  • Add Student Work: Students can add new work to this folder, or they can add work that they have already submitted to Seesaw in a different folder. Student work can be placed in more than one folder. To do this, have students go to their folder and select the three dot icon under the post. They can then check the box next to the Conference folder that you created.

  • There's not enough time to share everything! Consider having students select one math, reading, and writing example to add to their folder. Or have them choose 3 posts they are proud of and one or two posts that they think they can improve on. This will help to begin setting student goals and developing ownership of their learning.

Watch the Seesaw Webinar below on Conferences and Earn Flex Time!

November Seesaw in Your PJ's -- Flextime Opportunity!

Are you looking to build instructional capacity with Seesaw? Click the link below to learn about the Seesaw PD in your PJ's being offered throughout the month of October.

  • Seesaw PD in your PJ's can be used for district flex time.
  • You will receive a certificate upon completion of the webinar.

Teacher iPad Expectations

All K-3 general education teachers, ELL, GRT, SPED, and Reading Specialists either have, or will receive a teacher iPad by mid-October. The purpose of these devices is to support the enhancement and transformation of instruction. Throughout the remainder of the school year, the Technology Department will be working to deploy teacher iPads to 4th and 5th grade teachers.

Teachers with a district-provided iPad are to complete the Apple Teacher Program by March 6, 2018 (end of the 2nd trimester). The Apple Teacher Program provides teachers with professional development in navigating and using the device instructionally. Teachers may submit their hours for flex time.

WCASD Teacher iPad Expectations

Please click here for more information regarding the district expectations.

Finished the Apple Teacher Program? Let us know!!

Click the link and submit your name and date of completion so we have record of your completion.

Apple Teacher Support-- Drop In Sessions!

Anyone interested in working through the Apple Teacher Program is welcome to come to the Spellman Education Center on any of the dates/times below. At the last drop-in session, a teacher completed 6/8 badges in one hour!

  • November 15
  • December 4
  • December 12
  • January 10
  • January 22

WHERE: Spellman Technology Training Room (upstairs--Rm. 251)

WHEN: 3:30-5:00 -- drop-in sessions!

Additional Information:

  • These are drop-in sessions--feel free to come and work as long as you need!
  • The elementary instructional technology coordinator will provide support and model any tools utilized in the program as needed.
  • There will be snacks!
  • Reminder: Time spent completing the Apple Teacher Program can be used for flex time.

Save the Date!

Hour of Code Week!

Monday, Dec. 3rd 2018 at 8:30am to Friday, Dec. 7th 2018 at 3:30pm

West Chester Area School District

Sample lessons and ideas will be coming next week to help you prepare and plan for Hour of Code!

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West Chester Area School District

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