What have you learnt about

technologies in the process of constructing this product?

When making my product, I had to learn about a variety of different technologies in order to make my work as good as it could be. I had to learn about things such as using new types of cameras, different software and websites.

Using Cameras

When I was creating my magazine, I had to take a lot of pictures in order to do this successfully. When I first started in my preliminary task, the pictures I took weren't good quality because I didn't have a high quality SLR camera, I was just using a digital camera. When I created my final pieces, I used a new type of camera. This is so that my pictures would be of a better quality. This makes them look better and easier to edit afterwards. Although by doing this it would make my pictures better, this also meant that I would have to learn all of the features on the camera to be able to use it effectively. This took a while to know what everything was but through trial and error I eventually learned what all of the features were.


Throughout my task, I learned to use a variety of different software and increased my knowledge on the ones that I already knew how to use. For example Photoshop, I already had some basic knowledge of how to use it because of the preliminary task. When creating my final pieces I found that the knowledge I had on it wasn't good enough to produce good quality pieces of work so I took some tutorial classes to show me how to use Photoshop effectively. Also, I widened my knowledge of Prezi; before this course I had no idea how to use Prezi. This is a more creative way to present my work in order for me to get more marks in my coursework.

I done some research on the internet to find out more creative ways to present my work. I found some websites that I could use, I had never heard of them before so knew that I had to teach myself how to use them. This was worth it because it will make my work different from other people's who always use the same technologies in their work. Here is a video how I used Photoshop to edit my image for my front cover.