Peasant Life

The Life of a Peasant

The peasants were a very poor group of people. The majority of them were farmers and each season of the year determined the new tasks that they had to complete to keep the farm running. However, the peasants were not constantly working, since they Catholic they celebrated the Christian holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost. The peasants were very religous and saw God as an all-powerful force who needs to be appeased by prayer, they also belived he would bring them good harvests. The peasants also baked their own bread because it was highly nutritious and contained wheat, rye, barley, millet and oats. The women made the dough for this bread.

Peasant Women

The role of peasant women in the manorial society was very difficult. They were expected to raise the kids and do the chores in the fields. In difficult times, if the peasant women were not able to manage the household, their family could have the possibility to starve.
Terry Jones-Medieval Lives-The Peasant Part 1

Essential Questions

1. Why was religion important to the peasants?

2. What position were the peasants in, concerning the Feudal System?


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