The Witch City

Also known as Salem

Important Info´s

Salem is located in new england in the north east of Massachusetts

Salem is 30,32 Miles² big

And there live 40.407 People

It was founded in 1626 by fishers

It´s known for it´s many museums

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Why is it called Witch city ?

So Salem is known for it´s famous witch hunt in 1695. In Salem many people werent in the church and there were 2 cases of getting controlled by the devil. So it started more and more cases came in an the "witches" were hunted and executed. There was no cure against being a witch many people were killed because they were tortured until they said that they are witches/wizards.

Haunted Happenings

Thursday, March 26th, 9pm to Saturday, March 28th, 11pm

Salem, MA, United States

Salem, MA

The famous event, The Haunted Happenings, that for many tourists visit Salem.

Special things

Salem lives from tourism over 1 million tourists every year visit Salem. It´s known for it´s museums and not just for witch museums, there is a big art museum the Peabody Essex museum. Also its located at the coast so be ready for many fish restaurants. If you´ve got enough of museums and fish you can go in the Salem woods or on the Jeggle island. Salem has got beautiful untouched nature. Almost at any time theres good weather not as good as Berlin but its ok.

Art, Films, Books and People

Salem is an inspiring city for many artist´s. There are famous wood sculptures. Films were made with the inspiration from the witch hunt and mindcontroling devil such as "The Lords of Salem". But more famous are the books that were written in Salem for example "The House with seven Seals" by Nathaniel Hawthorne. A lot of famous people were born in Salem such as the NASA astronaut Christopher John Cassidy.