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It’s time to get your store in the center stage. With TrueShip Reviews, that’s what we plan on doing. We are dedicated to helping our customers succeed. For over nine years, we have helped countless ecommerce shopkeepers take their businesses to the next level by offering the world’s most advanced shipping software solutions. It’s time to give a little bit back. Introducing TrueShip Reviews, where we take the story of your online store and share it with our massive social networks, our website visitors, in our monthly newsletter and even on our blog. Some stories will also be syndicated via a major news release. We’ll provide even more details here on this Smore Flyer. (Learn more about TrueShip Reviews.)

How it Works

If you are an active user of ReadyShipper and you have an amazing story to tell about your online store, we want to hear it. There are some requirements that we have in place for you to be featured or considered for placement in our reviews. Firstly, we are interested in covering family-friendly online stores because we are also a family-friendly shipping software maker. So if your store is G-rated, then you qualify. We are also looking for unique stories that are intriguing. (Get some ideas from other TrueShip Reviews we have covered). Finally, we will need your assistance in creating your story, including the supplying of marketing materials, logos, bios and an interview or two. After that we’ll go to work to get your online store under the spotlight and to feature you on our website, our blog, in our newsletter and throughout our massive social networks.

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How to Apply

You can easily apply to be considered for TrueShip Reviews by following these simple instructions.

1. Tell us about your online store and submit your information to

2. Make sure you include your contact information, your story and any other pertinent information.

3. You must be an active user of ReadyShipper shipping software for at least six months.

4. Your online store must be G-rated.

5. You must be able to provide us with marketing materials and interview answers.

6. Not all applicants will get a featured story.

7. We’ll contact back the applicants that make the cut.

What You Will Get:

1. Featured story on our blog.

2. Featured story on

3. Featured placement in our monthly newsletter.

4. Back link from our website to yours.

5. Possible inclusion in a major news release.

6. Syndication of your story across our social networks.

7. Credibility and web traffic increase.

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