4C News

Sunday, March 17, 2019


Mrs. Close's Class ~ The kids have been busy adding and subtracting fractions. At this point, the denominators have been the same. They have had to make a "move" to subtract. For example, when solving, 1-3/8, the kids covert the 1 to 8/8. 8/8-3/8 = 5/8. Then they took it even a step farther to change a mixed number into an improper fraction before subtracting.


PAWS ~ Well, the timing of editing and revising just didn't work out last week. We'll spend this week finishing up PAWS #11. Then we'll take a break from opinion writing and move on to a narrative piece.

SS ~ We are on the road to the American Revolution! We'll be using the book George vs George to help us learn about the war, the sides, the people, and eventually the new government.

Small Groups ~ Most groups started new books. The kids read Walk Two Moons will finish up tomorrow. Our goal is to finish the books by Spring Break.

Picture Book Friday ~ I'm looking for a 4C guy to read this Friday.


We are moving onto electrical circuits this week!


The kids playing instruments will need to bring them to school on Wednesday for lessons and Thursday for ensembles.


It looks like the first day of swimming will be on Tuesday, March 26th. Kids will need to bring bathing suits in a plastic bag so they don't get everything in their backpacks wet. Please look for a swimming schedule to come home on Friday.

Important Dates

April 4&5 ~ NYS ELA Assessment

April 8 ~ Yearbook Orders Due

April 15-19 ~ Spring Break, No School