About Me Brochure

By: Aliyah S. Rainey

About Me


My friends are Elyse Nelson, Mia, Jasmine, Cece and a few other people.


What I like to do during my free time is to play basketball with my dad. What I love to do is dance. I also like to cook.

Favorite Activities or Vacations

The activities I do are mostly sports. I play basketball at the YMCA. My favorite vacation that I have gone to was New Mexico. I go to New Mexico almost every year.

My Pets

I had three dogs named Sky, Cloud, and Kowen. My dogs Sky and Cloud had passed away when I was seven. I still have my dog Kowen, I had named her my self when I was two.
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Dream Career

My dream career is to be a dance choreographer. I was inspired to be a choreographer from my dad. He was a dance choreographer till he retired. I love to dance, and I want to be like my dad so I picked this career.


Coppell Middle School West


Interests : My interests are playing guitar. I like to listen to music, and dance. I play basketball with my dad.

Values : My cousin and my new little sister are very important to me. I always like to help people when there feeling down. doing basketball, track and swimming make me very happy.

Plans For The Future

My plans for the future is to move to Los Angela's ( LA ). I always wanted to move to LA. When I move to LA I will be a Dance choreographer.


My favorite foods are sushi, and sea food. My favorite sport is basketball.


I like to draw and paint. I have one very important person in my life that means every thing to me that's my little sister.

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My personality color is orange
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