Video Games

JanieValdez :)


Did you know?That there are allot of types videogames like there are scary,funny,active,mysterious,and much more types of videogames on different tipes of consoles.Videogames are not only on consles but are on your phone too,there are games on your phone to not be board like if you are in a long car ride you can just go on your phone to play a game.And there are allot of consoles for different videogames like for example the WiiU if you put the game that belongs to the console it will go in,but if you put any kind of other CD or trying no watch a movie it will not go in it will say "game not found".Some time videoagames can be dangerus,because some people take gaming TOO SERIOUS like playing a game like Call Of Duty MW3 it shows alot of violents,guns,and bad laguage and what will happend if it was real and you really shoot people,sometimes peoples minds get to crazy or cude get brain damege.So when you play a videogame dont get TOO crazy and try not to punch someone if there are annoing when your playing your game........PS.jk :p punch them *LOL*