In the Oak Grove Makerspace.

Exciting News

Your child has been chosen to help us run a MakerShop at Oak Grove Elementary during November and December. They will be using their Math skills to help make and sell items in our store! We can’t wait to get MAKING with your child!

Dates and Times

MakerShop students will meet afterschool until 3:30pm.

Nov. 2

Nov. 9

Nov. 16

Nov. 23

Nov. 30

Dec. 4

Dec. 14

We will be MAKING things to sell in our store!

...or whatever your child decides.

Parent/Guardian Agreement

  • I understand that my child must adhere to school rules and Makerspace safety rules to participate in MakerShop.
  • I understand that I will need to pick my child up from MakerShop at 3:30 (in the back parking lot).
  • I understand that once I agree for my child to participate, I need to write a note if my child can NOT stay for one the MakerShop dates.

MakerShop Mentors

Tina Coffey

Catey Moretz