The Handy Dandy Pencil Belt

A new invention

Are you that person who always asks for a pencil?

Well ask no more with the Handy Dandy Pencil Belt! You'll now be the one being asked for pencils with this belt. The Handy Dandy Pencil Belt is a belt that holds handy pencils. For a pencil you can just reach into the pencil pocket and grab a pencil. Warning: for ages 6+

Don't worry about...

One size fits all, no matter which age group (for ages 6+). So don't worry about your size, just enjoy your new, handy pencils. Also don't worry about the color we have the whole rainbow and more. Another thing not to worry about is getting your pencils! If you call now*, then you can get 2 packs of free pencils with your belt.

These are the Items with Which the Product is Made:


This product is only $9.99! Free shipping and handling!

It's Like This, But Better!

To learn more about the Handy Dandy Pencil Belt visit www.kellcothefamilycompany/ You can *also contact me at 555-555-5555. Thank you!