#PLUMMERSTRONG Weekly Newsletter

Principal's Corner 10.03.2021

Food Pantry Donations

We are fortunate to have a staff member whose church finds ways to give back to the community. There will be food for a minimum of 10 families. Food pantry day is usually the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month. If you are a family who would like to be considered for food donations, please complete the form below. Someone from Plummer will be in touch with you to make pick up arrangements. We are all in this together!
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From the Principal

Greetings Plummer Family;

I hope that this message finds you well and in good spirits. The Fall Season is definitely upon us. We know that with the change in weather, our scholars will need to adjust. Please be mindful to pack a light jacket in their backpack as temps may decrease. Also, we strongly encourage ALL employees, scholars, and visitors to wear masks at all times while in the building. Exceptions are when scholars are eating in the cafeteria.

Please be sure to log into your Skyward Parent Portal to check your scholar's performance on a regular basis. Also visit chisd.net for important parent resources. Being intentional in providing consistent communication surrounding campus procedures and expectations will be a priority for us to ensure a safe, orderly, and productive environment for our Plummer Family, especially our scholars.

Thank you for your commitment to ensuring our arrival/dismissal processes are efficient.

Please Note: The instructional day starts at 7:30am. This means, scholars must be in their classes at this time. If scholars arrive at 7:30am or later, s/he must check in at the front office for attendance purposes.

A lot of information is included in our weekly "#PLUMMERSTRONG Newsletter", and this is done so that you can come back to one location to find shared information for the week. Please be sure to read through all of the information so that we are all on the same page with information.

Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Morning Arrival Drop Off: Doors to the building will open at 7:15am daily. Car riders drop off is located at the back of the building near the playground. Please note that we have traffic flowing in one direction. Please do not cut through the teacher's parking lot to drop off scholars. This places our scholars at a safety risk.
  • Morning Arrival Walkers: Doors to the building will open at 7:15am daily. Walkers will use the same entrance as bus riders which is located at the front/side of the building near the cross guard. Please be sure to use crosswalks and sidewalks to ensure safety for all of our scholars.
  • Late Morning Arrival: Scholars who arrive after 7:30am will need to enter through the main entrance of the building.
  • Dismissal (Bus riders and walkers): Scholars are dismissed at 3:00pm. Bus riders and walkers are dismissed first. Walkers will be escorted to cross guards by staff.
  • Dismissal (Car riders): Car riders are dismissed at 3:00pm. Please be sure to have your blue tag readily available for staff. We will only dismiss car riders to parents/guardians who are in the pick up line with their blue tags. Parents and guardians are asked to remain in their vehicle at all times. Staff will escort scholars to your vehicle.
  • Visitors on campus: Parents are only allowed in the front office area of the campus. To ensure the safety of our campus, some meetings may be scheduled virtually. It is important to also note that teachers are only available during their planning time to meet with parents. It is strongly encouraged to send an email or schedule a meeting as needed.
  • Dress Code: Please remember that all scholars must be in uniform daily. We honor "Spirit Fridays" where scholars may wear a Cedar Hill/ Longhorn shirt and jeans. We also celebrate College Days on campus. Every Wednesday, scholars are allowed to wear a college shirt and jeans or dress code bottoms. "Free Dress Days" will be coming soon. Please be on the look out for more information regarding "Free Dress Days".

As always, continue to keep each other lifted in thoughts and prayers because we never know every trial, but we can send positive vibes.

Read on below for other important information.




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School Picture Day is Tomorrow (Monday, October 4, 2021)

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Picture Day FAQ:

  1. Do I have have wear my uniform? Yes, all scholars must be in their school uniform to take pictures during picture day.
  2. Will there be a make up day? At this time, there is no make-up day scheduled for school pictures. As more information becomes available, it will be communicated as soon as possible.
  3. When should I expect pictures to return? All scholars received picture day packets with picture day packets and information. If you did not receive one, please reach out to our campus secretary, Ms. Timeka Green.

Campus Instructional Focus: Reading and Comprehending on grade level

In ELAR our scholars will begin to use the Amplify curriculum. We have high academic

expectations in all subjects and grade levels so we are looking forward to introducing this

framework to our scholars. Our focus is to ensure that scholars are able to read and comprehend at or above their grade level by the end of the 2021-2022 school year.

We need your help. Scholars have lost valuable academic time in the classroom due to our global pandemic. This year, we will maximize our class times by ensuring our scholars are reading daily in an effort to close our achievement gap. Please try to spend at least 10 to 15 minutes daily with your scholar by asking what they have learned in class. While reading is a focus, comprehension is also a primary goal. If scholars are able to articulate what they learned, this reinforces comprehension. We are all in this together and together, our scholars will succeed.

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Our goal is to have 100% of our school lunch forms completed...

Cedar Hill ISD is encouraging families to complete the free and reduced lunch application.

The application is available to all eligible families and provides waivers to ensure our scholars receive the support they need.

The free and reduced lunch form gives families much more than just free meals during the school day.

Meals are free for ALL scholars in 2021-2022, but completing the Free & Reduced Application is important to determine eligibility for benefits beyond free meals.

  • Discounts and waivers on fees for the SAT, ACT and AP exams

  • Access to additional staff, instructional materials and academic support;

  • Discounts and or waivers on college application fees

  • It also helps verify Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) authorized by the federal government.

  • Applying now will ensure your scholar receives these benefits for the first 30 days of the 2022-23 school year.

Please take about 10 minutes to complete the lunch form application. Our campus goal is to ensure that 100% of our scholars have completed lunch form applications on file. Thanks for your help towards reaching our campus goal.

  1. Click here
  2. Click "Free& Reduced Application" at the top right of the page (written in red)
  3. Complete the application
  4. That's it. You're done. Thank you!

Cell Phones

Cell phone usage is prohibited on campus. At no time should a scholar have their phone out during school hours.

Please allow the administrators, staff, and teachers to fulfill their duties and contact you as necessary.

If a scholar is caught with their cell phone out, the phone will be taken up. A parent/guardian can collect the phone with a payment of $15. A disciplinary referral for insubordination may be issued.

Have your scholar turn off their phone before they enter the building. Taking it out to turn it off, is not an excuse to have it out.

I hope this helps to clearly communicate cell phone expectations for Plummer Elementary.

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Red Ribbon Week (October 25th - October 29th)

Red Ribbon Week (October 25th-Ocotber 29th):

Monday - Stand out like me and don't let drugs hide who you are

Camo Day (wear camo)

Tuesday - Shine bright like me and don't do drugs

Wear neon colors

Wednesday- Say yes to college and no to drugs like me

Wear your college t-shirt

Thursday - Be a superhero like me and make drugs your enemy

Wear your favorite superhero shirt

Friday - Be a team player like me and work together to stay drug free

Wear your favorite athletic jersey

Parent Conference Days

Thursday, Oct. 7th, 4pm to Friday, Oct. 8th, 12pm

This is an online event.

We are excited to host our Parent Conference Days on Thursday, October 7th from 4:00pm - 8pm and Friday, October 8th from 8am - noon. Please sign up with your scholar's teacher. You may request a Face-to-Face or Virtual meeting. Together, our scholars WILL succeed.

Who To Contact List:

Attendance Clerk:

Mrs. Brigitte Roberson



Mrs. LaKeisha Terry


Campus Diagnostician:

Mr. Anthony Andrews


Campus Technology:

Mrs. Patricia Connelly


Campus Webmaster:

Ms. Janay Brent


Parent Liaison:

Mrs. Payton Watkins



Dr. Sonja Stewart


Assistant Principal:

Ms. Phyllis Phillips


Principal Secretary:

Ms. Timeka Green



Welcome to Plummer Elementary where excellence is our standard! At this campus our focus is culture. We pride ourselves on providing an academically rich curriculum while strongly emphasizing the importance of character. Our students are provided opportunities to work with outstanding teachers in the classroom as well as through extracurricular activities. We encourage participation, engagement, and 100% effort in all that our students aspire to achieve.

Campus Mission Statement:
The mission of Plummer Elementary School is to empower the scholar with the knowledge and skills that will allow the scholar to be the best version of themselves.

Plummer Vision:
Plummer Elementary will become a model campus providing a learning community with a well-rounded education.


We are #PlummerStrong.

Daily Schedule

7:15 a.m. - Breakfast

7:30 a.m. - School Begins

10:00 a.m. - Lunch Begins

3:00 p.m. - Dismissal Begins

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CONGRATULATIONS to these scholars for Earning a FREE DRESS Day based on their LEADERSHIP. FREE DRESS May be worn 1 of the following days this week: Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday